Meet The Author

Lida Barmala

Lida Barmala is a multi-talented individual possessing the gifts of a Seer, Empath, Medium, Dreamer, Spiritual Reader, and Spiritual Archaeologist. Remarkably, she first became aware of her extraordinary abilities at the tender age of 3-4 years old.

Lida pursued her passion for archaeology during her undergraduate studies and delved deeper into ancient cultures and languages during her master’s degree program in Iran. What sets her apart is her pioneering work in the field of spiritual archaeology, a groundbreaking method she intends to introduce to the world in the near future.

Through her innovative approach, Lida has breathed new life into the exploration of ancient sites and cities in Egypt. Moreover, she’s the author behind the enigmatic “Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Oracle Cards,” a creation that seamlessly incorporates the essence of spiritual archaeology. When you join her tours to Egypt, you’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to not only witness but truly immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt, experiencing its sights, sounds, and energies in a profound and unique way.

Shahrzad Awyan

Tour Guide

Shahrzad Awyan Born and raised in the small village of Nazlet El Saman at the very edge of the Giza Plateau, with its Pyramids and Sphinx. Shahrzad is the daughter of Abdel Hakim Awyan, one of the last remaining wisdom keepers of Ancient Egypt, an archaeologist. Egyptologist, and Developer in the field of Khemitology. He was widely sought after to lead many spiritual groups during his more than 30 years of working as a teacher and tour guide. Hakim started an information revolution that continues today through his daughter Shahrzad and his sons. His life’s work has been featured in several documentaries, such as “The Pyramid Code produced by Dr. Carmen Boulter, and in many publications and books. He worked very closely with Stephen Mehler in the writing of the popular books: “The Land of Osiris” and “From Light into Darkness”.

Shahrazad is an energy healer, she studied BioTouch in the BioMagnetic Touch Healing Foundation in Hawaii. Leading spiritual tours and awakening the inner NTRS by creating initiations (The Nine Initiations along the Nile). Tapping into nine temples (nine ancient living libraries) and a private initiation in the Great pyramid, Genetic codes activation, clearing old repeated patterns, sharing oral traditional wisdom stories. ancient healing techniques practices (Bio Touch healing ef The 7 Chakra activation).